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gamigo group is one of the foremost gaming companies in Europe and Northern America and was among the first companies to enter the booming market segment of online games. In 2000, gamigo was the first to publish a MMOG with a full German localization.

More than 140 employees in Hamburg, Berlin (Germany), San Francisco, Chicago (USA), Kaliningrad (Russia) and Seoul (South Korea) are working in areas including

  • gamigo platform (gaming as a service, gaming portals, etc.)
  • publishing of free-to-play mobile and online games

With successful MMORPGs such as Fiesta Online and Last Chaos gamigo holds a number of games with a loyal, long-term fan base. At the same time, the games portfolio is constantly being expanded with new titles like Kings and Legends and Wickie Online. In sum, gamigo group is maintaining more than 40 million players’ accounts all over the world. Apart from MMO games, gamigo is increasingly investing in mobile games, for example Dino Empire and the cross-plattform game The Rats.

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Highlights from our current portfolio:

Cultures Online is the first browser game produced by gamigo and one of the company’s most successful launches. This entertaining building strategy game is popular because of its appealing graphics and game elements.

In Fiesta Online thousands of players explore a colorful and vibrant fantasy world full of adventures together. They can complete quests, hunt monsters and take part in an epic Kingdom Quest with up to twenty players.

Last Chaos has already won over millions of players in Europe. The action-packed gameplay, the diverse dungeons, and the epic castle battles quickly boosted Last Chaos to success.

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