Wizard101 - Help Save Wizard City In This Free Online Wizard Game!

Unleash your inner magic and prepare to unravel the mysteries surrounding a death professor gone rogue.

Darkness threatens to engulf the Spiral as you master powerful spells, explore over 20 whimsical worlds, and team-up with friends in this nostalgic wizard turn-based deckbuilding MMORPG.

About the Game

Build Your Spell Deck
Prepare for battle by collecting spell cards and building your spell deck. Hone your strategy to unleash powerful magic and defeat foes in thrilling turn-based card combat. Add/remove spell cards before each battle to strategically get the cards you need when you need them! Take down foes solo or team up with friends for maximum efficiency.
Discover the Spiral's Mysteries
Uncover secrets, meet hilarious fully voice acted characters, and explore vast worlds in an ever-expanding story. Battle your way through prehistoric times, wild jungles, underwater palaces, and more! With over a thousand hours of questing content and more than 16 worlds to discover, there’s always a new adventure on the horizon.
Test Your Might in PvP
Head to the arena to prove your deckbuilding might! Improve your rank and fight to reach the top of the leaderboard in 1v1 or team-based battles. For even more rewards, participate in tournaments and challenge yourself with special combat rules and restrictions.
Go Beyond Battle
Take time to relax and rest up before your next big fight with numerous side systems! Hatch and train countless adorable pets, craft mighty weapons and gear, harvest hefty rewards with gardening, reel in your best catches with fishing, or decorate your castle to your heart’s content with housing.
Team-Up With Friends
You’re never alone in The Spiral. Join and interact with millions of other Wizards across your adventures in this vast MMORPG. Whether you’re looking for assistance with a challenging foe, trading valuable Treasure Cards, or hatching powerful pets, teaming up with friends can be both fun and useful.
  • Build Your Spell Deck
  • Discover the Spiral's Mysteries
  • Test Your Might in PvP
  • Go Beyond Battle
  • Team-Up With Friends



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