Build a thriving city in the fantasy world of SplitRealm where elves, dwarves and orcs live life in harmony!

Each race brings its unique strengths—the artistic elves, industrial dwarves, and nature-loving orcs.

Harness these abilities to create a balanced and prosperous city.

Delve into the heart of city management, overseeing the construction of dwellings, resource gathering structures, and monuments that showcase the unity of your newfound community.

Take the fate of SplitRealm into your hands NOW!

Available now on Google Play Store!
Coming soon to the App Store.

SplitRealm is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany.


Construct buildings and produce items for upgrades while managing the city to gain experience, level up and unlock more options.
Manage Citizens
Satisfy the desires of the citizens and unite the different races to enable the growth of their city.
Your decisions matter! What and where you build affects the prosperity of SplitRealm!
  • Build
  • Manage Citizens
  • Strategy



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