S4 League

Enter Netsphere, a simulation that once was used to replace actual wars, now used as an e-sport called the S4 League.

Players team up and fight against their opponents in a variety of modes. You can create combos using the diverse range of melee weapons & guns in one of the fastest-paced and most competitive scenes in gaming.

Last but not least, S4 League features dozens of costumes which can be mix-and-matched through 8 slots of equipment to look like just the way you want!
  • 8 game modes
  • Play as a team or save your own skin!
  • 33+ completely different weapons
  • 2800+ costumes pieces you can mix and match for a unique style
  • Daily Missions & tons of free rewards


Binary Twin Blade
A weapon created when Glitch was born. Nobody knows the true source of this light and dark dual blade that annihilates data and tears through code.

The Glitch costumes were designed by our community, be the next artist to see your creation in-game!
Virtual Shield

Net Shaman Luna’s exclusive Counter Sword. With the ability to switch freely between defensive and offensive modes, it’s an extremely effective and flexible weapon.

The Virtual Shield and Net Shaman Luna costumes were designed by our community, be the next artist to see your creation in-game!

Watermelon Bomber
Don’t be fooled by its delicious disguise, it is not for eating! Get a taste of summer with this ranged weapon: Throw watermelon bombs at your enemies and stop them from conquering the Netsphere!
The Big Blue Revolver
We are all longing for summer, so what’s better than to bring the spirit of July to a Battle Royale match? No one can escape the range and power of the Big Blue Revolver! Be the big bad gunslinger in the Netsphere!
  • Binary Twin Blade
  • Virtual Shield
  • Watermelon Bomber
  • The Big Blue Revolver



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