Romadoria - The strategy game in Ancient Rome. See, Play, Prevail!

In Romadoria you battle to gain a powerful position in the Empire. Use your tactical superiority to accomplish great fame through out the old world. Send armies into massive battles and develop your economy as a model for future generations.

Be smart and stay a step ahead of your opponents. Build your academy and make strategic decisions to mark your strength. Train your combat units but be careful, you have to check there is enough food and weapons for them!

Here's what you can do in Romadoria
  • Develop your city and become an Empire
  • Exploits of your tactical superiority will be told through the world and you'll gain fame
  • Battle against a thousand players and more
  • Gain friends and diplomatic allies and your clan will dominate the world


Guild system
Team up and become on of the biggest clans in ancient Rome!
Construct buildings like an academy, elephant breeding or atrium houses and build them strategically.
In your academy, you can conduct research to train strong units such as Roman gladius-bearers or Gaulish broadsword-bearers
You have various units available: Infantry, Cavalry, Siege and Defense
  • Guild system
  • Buildings
  • Academy
  • Units



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