Generals of War

In the browser game Generals of War you are a general in the time of the First World War. Your job is to become the best  general the world has ever seen. With a clever strategy and powerful troops, you'll bring your opponents to their knees. Build your base into an impregnable fortress and defend it by all means!

Build a headquarters and other strategically important buildings such as the university, an airport and a weapons factory. Of course, you should not forget the promotion of raw materials. Because without gasoline or diesel your fleet is broken. Research at the university helps you create better and stronger units.

Whether in a strong alliance or as a lone warrior ... teach your opponents to fear you!


Rewards are not for free, you have to fight for them and to deserve them! This way you can get the reward "commercial power" only if you sold a minimum of 500 goods.
You should always keep an eye on the weather before you attack or spy an enemy, because it affects the deploy time of your troops.
In order to build defenses and advanced units, you must first unlock them through research.
You always should better spy on your opponents before an attack. Send spy units and get reports on your opponent's resources, units, or defenses.
  • Rewards
  • Weather
  • Research
  • Espionage



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