Fantasy Town

Build your vibrant town replete with talented citizens, plant a farm full of prospering crops, or produce valuable goods like milk and eggs on an animal farm! You can also explore the beautiful countryside where surprises abound because limitless adventure and infinite happiness are in store for you in this RPG farming simulation!

Take your town to the next level. Create the liveliest of courtyards and markets. Every resource you can find will serve your imagination, allowing you to build fantasy-filled structures, both big and small, wherever you want!

On your farm, you can produce crops of every kind. You can also take care of animals! Plant crops or produce goods and then trade them for valuable resources. Your entrepreneurial heart will certainly soar!

There’s no limit to how you can customize your town! Make citizens of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and with every possible skill, you can imagine! Fill your town with farmers and fishermen, bakers and cooks, knights and magicians, merchants, and more!

And when it comes to adventure and exploration, Fantasy Town knows no limits. You’ll harvest happiness on countless quests as you travel across a vast map of mystery and danger. There’s something to find everywhere you look!

There’s no limit to how you can customize your town – after all, it’s designed by your fantasy!

And the best way to do that is by playing with friends! Host friendly competitions in whimsical mini-games. Share resources and tips. All this is part of crafting the ultimate fantasy town – together!

Your role as mayor doesn’t come without responsibility either. You’ll need to protect what is yours. So, sharpen your weapons and hone your skills – it’s time to prepare for battles.


Produce and Trade
Plant crops, harvest produce, and engage in trade to keep your city prosperous and your citizens happy.
Play Together with friends, new and old: You can even create guilds and invite members from across the world to become members! You’ll have the most fun when you share it!
Explore and Travel
You and your brave citizens are freely able to explore the world and discover hidden secrets and exciting adventures.
Play mini-games full of big fun! Invite new friends to join you or take part in whimsical mini-games with fellow players.
Build your dream town by utilizing resources however you wish and placing structures wherever you want.
  • Produce and Trade
  • Friends
  • Explore and Travel
  • Mini-Games
  • Build



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