Empire Universe 3

In the strategy browser game Empire Universe 3, you are the absolute ruler of your own interstellar army. Fight epic battles in the vastness of space and conquer other planets!

Thousands of solar systems are just waiting to be discovered and conquered by you. Fly with your spaceship fleet into the far reaches of the universe and explore. There is always something new to discover in this dangerous universe: asteroids, debris fields, wormholes and the infamous Reapers!

Manage your fleet and build your ships to your own taste so they're able to defend any attack. Build your home planet and upgrade your colonies to make them the stronger fortresses in the universe:
  • A great deal of researches and technology to improve your play style
  • Train troops
  • Customize your spaceships and your fleets to the inch
  • Trade with the whole universe


Research is the basic requirement for the construction of buildings, troops and components. Therefore, you should not neglect this.
There are 3 different options to trade: NPC trading, player trading and auctions
You can build up to 11 different types of buildings during the game. However, you can only build an university, government building and research center on your main planet.
You can choose between 9 different races: Humans, Weganians, Jamozoids, Cyborgs, Magumians, Pentropian, Zuups, Ozoids and Mosorians
  • Research
  • Trade
  • Buildings
  • Races



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