Empire Universe 2

With Empire Universe 2 - Recharged a free browser game awaits you, allowing you to explore and conquer the vastness of space.

Build your home base into the impregnable command center and send your epic spaceship fleet to discover alien planets and raze them to the ground!

With strategy and skill you have the chance to establish yourself from the little space pirate to the greatest commander of the universe. Take your chance now!
  • interactive combat reports
  • extensive technology tree
  • piracy
  • bounty hunts


Space Ships
You can customize the spaceships individually. There are 94 different components available.
Your disposition (neutral, explorer, warrior, pirate, merchant, bounty hunter) is automatically determined by your actions.
Real-time combat in space and on the ground awaits you.
Over 100,000 planets in 10,000 systems are just waiting to be looted and conquered.
  • Space Ships
  • Disposition
  • Fights
  • Planets



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