Bonga Online

Mo and Mia were driven from their homeland because of their love for each other — but they've found a new place to call home on the sunny beaches of the tropical island of Bonga. But these hardworking Bongies don't even have a roof over their heads yet, not to mention food for their baby... As the benevolent spirit of the island, you can help the two of them finally lead a life filled with happiness and fulfillment! In an exciting game that is a cross between a management simulation and a Tamagotchi, you will be responsible for ensuring the physical well-being of your little charges, and aid them in expanding and beautifying their village.
And the best thing is: You can share your Bongies' adventures with all your friends! You can, for example, invite them to adopt a new member of your islander family, exchange messages, or even travel to other islands to watch your friends' Bongies at work.Come check out Bonga Online and start playing this lively and fun-filled MMO browser game for free now!  
  • Free MMO browser game on a beautiful tropical island
  • Varied management simulation game with Tamagotchi elements
  • Vivid graphics and adorable characters with a mind of their own
  • Vast, expandable map that changes with the seasons
  • Dozens of buildings and fun extras such as lightning bolts and magical spells
  • Tons of side quests and special missions from Cap'n Keelwater
  • Let all your friends take part in your Bonga adventures


The Bongies

The adorable Bongies Mo and Mia desire nothing more than a new place to call home, where their family can live in safety and happiness. To achieve this, they need your help: The Bongies may be hardworking and peaceable, but they can be a little obstinate and do not always do what they're told. But if you give them a little time, you will realize that you've made a few true friends here.

The island

Sand, palm trees, waterfalls — a tropical island paradise awaits you on Bonga. Over the course of the game, you will also be able to expand the easily navigable map and provide your Bongies the village of their dreams with all the works: deck chairs, cocktail bars, and even holy altars!


A wide range of diverse quests and missions await you on Bonga. You may find yourself collecting palm fronds and bamboo poles to build a hut, figuring out how to prepare baby food using only tropical fruits, constructing a tribute to the gods, or building ladders to explore hitherto unknown parts of the island. One thing's for sure: Life on Bonga is never boring! 

  • The Bongies
  • The island
  • Quests



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