Atlas Rogues

Time is ticking in the city of Atlas. In 30 days, the last Reactor on the planet will explode, along with everything else. Only you can stop it, but the Trusts stand in your way. Before you can save the city, you’ll need to recruit a team and earn enough funds ISO to survive.

Can't stop the meltdown in time? Watch as time loops, but your experience and memories remain. When the loop resets, the content changes, making every run unique. Dynamic missions and rewards force you to strategize how best to gather the intel and gear you need to take on the Trust strongholds.

The tactical team combat flows back and forth between player and enemy turns in short, fast-paced battles. Switch back and forth between your lancer abilities to set up the perfect combo, then predict the enemy turn with precisely placed traps. Gather gear and develop your talents to supercharge your abilities and take on the Trust bosses themselves!


Rogue-Lite Gameplay
Save the Reactor or die trying. Then watch as the time loop restarts, but your experience and memories remain. Every session offers a unique combination of missions, enemies, layouts and loot.
Singleplayer and Co-Op Multiplayer Action
If you don't want to keep all the glory for yourself, you can also gather your friends and create a squad of unstoppable heroes. Combine your wits with your favourite freelancers' talents and do what it takes to close the loop and save Atlas.
Turn-Based PvE Combat
Even the smallest decision can lead to epic moments. Predict enemy moves and fire off the right ability to watch the action play out before your eyes.
New freelancers join the ranks as you play through each sesssion. Unlock novel characters the more you play and change the gaming experience with every addition to the team!
  • Rogue-Lite Gameplay
  • Singleplayer and Co-Op Multiplayer Action
  • Turn-Based PvE Combat
  • Freelancers



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