My Little Farmies

You'd be hard-pressed to find anything more original than this free farm browser game. Design your own little medieval village in My Little Farmies. New fields and footpaths open up more facilities and areas: From thatched workshops to cotton and plum trees to animal husbandry;  in this untouched idyll you can devote all your time to the rural lifestyle.

Do business as you see fit!
  • Brighten up your village and lead it to riches and prosperity
  • Charming, scurrying creatures with zoomable, isometric 2D graphics
  • Medieval setting/flair
  • Manufacturing facilities and products based on Middle Ages
  • Lovingly designed decorative options
  • Regular events/special items

Game Info


Interesting and exciting production chains await you in My Little Farmies. From cow to milk and cream to cake. The goods become more valuable after every production step. How wonderful!


First take care of the fencing before placing animals within the village. But simply a roof over the cow's head will not suffice, our precious cattle require a lot of attention. Tip: Taking good care is worth it, since animals that are content fetch a higher price on the market. Two adult animals are all you need to try yourself as a breeder.

Decorative items

A little bench below the rainbow over here, a haystack over there, a little restroom made of natural stone behind the magnolia with fragrant, orange blossoms – total serenity!

  • Production
  • Husbandry
  • Decorative items



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