Forever Only You


A pack for your Significant Other!

Costumes can be worn above your armor and will not replace it. Costumes are available for a limited time and can be worn as much as you want during that time, they can also provide a bonus to your characters.

Usage: Unlimited
Binding: Binds to Character


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: White Wedding (Permanent)
1 X: White Wedding (10% Damage)(10% Aim)(30 Days)
1 X: Wedding Car (Speed 200)(Permanent)
1 X: Marry me (+5 Slots)(30 Days)
1 X: Silver Crown (4% Crit)(30 Days)
1 X: Mimi the Love Mouse (+2 Stats)(Permanent)
1 X: Beautiful Bouquet (2% Aim)(30 Days)
1 X: Wedding Application
1 X: Golden Key (Permanent)
1 X: Trapped Heart (Permanent)