Exquisite Raid Pack

Exquisite Raid Pack

Equip your weapon and prepare yourself for a raid with the help of this pack.

Leveling items assist you in the acquisition and retention of experience gained in the game. Amulets give your character increased abilities for a limited time, they can increase your damage output and reduce your damage taken. Licenses increase the productivity and profitability of your time spent in the game.Extenders give you an increase of health and mana allowing you to survive longer and run out of mana less often.


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: Charms of Might 50% (2 hours)(10 pieces)
3 X: Mighty Potion (+10 Stats)(1 hour)
1 X: HP+SP+LP Extender (50%)(7 Days)
5 X: Tear of Legel
1 X: Hunter's Warrant (+50%)(7 days)
1 X: Weapon Repair Kit (Duration 10,000)