Elite Leveling Bundle


The essential pack for leveling in Isya for players of all levels, the contents of this set will give you both the edge and the peace of mind you need when pushing for your next job change, weapon level, or achieving Aura. Players save 20% off of the total value of these items when purchased in this pack.

With Blessing of Teva you won´t lose any experience when you die, you will have 50% more HP and SP with the Extender and you will gain 100% more experience while killing mobs!

This pack contains:

  • Blessing of Teva [30 Days]
  • HP+SP Extender [+50% HP+SP][30 Days]
  • EXP Boost Card [+100%][30 Days]


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: Blessing of Teva [30 Days]
1 X: HP+SP Extender [+50% HP+SP][30 Days]
1 X: EXP Boost Card [+100% EXP][30 Days]