Dance Pack 2

Dance Pack 2

Be a dancing machine with this Dance Pack!

Premium Dances allow you to learn an additional dance for a limited time which can be found in the Actions menu (‘V’ Key) and then selecting the Cash emotion page. Premium Dances can be used as many times as you want during the time you have them.

Duration: 30 days
Usage: Unlimited
Binding: Binds to Character

Note: Dance previews can be found at the following page thanks to RikoRain:


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: Zombie Shuffle [30 Days]
1 X: Superstar [30 Days]
1 X: Go Go Dance [30 Days]
1 X: Salsa Strut [30 Days]
1 X: Marionette [30 Days]
1 X: The Wave [30 Days]
1 X: Shuffle [30 Days]
1 X: School Spirit [30 Days]