Beginner Pack: Basic


With the 'Basic' beginner pack, you will find all the basic supplies that will allow you to successfully complete your long and perilous adventure throughout Isya!

Bundles contain items that will help and ease your journey. Each bundle its unique and has items to cater specific roles.

Duration: Multiple
Usage: Unlimited
Binding: Binds to Character


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: HP/SP/LP Extender (+100%)(1 Day)
1 X: Hunter's War Rant (+50%)(7 Days)
1 X: Blessing of Teva (1 Day)
1 X: Tear of Legel (10 Pieces)
1 X: Tooth the baby dragon (Speed 260)(1 Day)
1 X: HP/SP Soul Stone Sack (1 Day)
1 X: Mini Marshmallow (+20 Stats)(1 Day)
1 X: Yellow Dragon Warrior Suit (7% Crit)(5% Dmg)(5% Def)(1 Day)