Beginner Pack: 7 Days of Mega Fun


With the "7 Days of Extra Fun" starter pack, the fun knows no bounds! Call your friends to join you and make Fiesta Online a great party!

Bundles contain items that will help and ease your journey. Each bundle its unique and has items to cater specific roles.

Duration: Multiple
Usage: Unlimited
Binding: Binds to Character


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: HP/SP/LP Extender (+100%)(7 Days)
1 X: Hunter's War Rant (+100%)(7 Days)
1 X: Blessing of Teva (7 Days)
1 X: Tear of Legel (10 Pieces)
1 X: Arabian Dreams Costume (7% Damage)(7 Days)
1 X: Aladdin Slime (+15 Stats)(7 Days)
1 X: Alpie the Alpaca (Speed 280)(7 Days)
1 X: HP/SP Soul Stone Sack (7 Days)