Beach Volleyball Set (5% Def)(30 Days)


It's summer and time for some intense volleyball action. Join team red and win the gold! This item is designed by our creative AC corner artist Stargazer01.

Costumes can be worn above your armor and will not replace it. Costumes are available for a limited time and can be worn as much as you want during that time; they can also provide a bonus to your characters.

Bonus: 5% Magical & Physical Defense (all items together)
Duration: 30 days
Usage: Unlimited
Binding: Binds to Character


Can be gifted at level: 30

1 X: Beach Volleyball Top (2% Def)(30 days)
1 X: Beach Volleyball Bottom (2% Def)(30 days)
1 X: Beach Volleyball Feet (1% Def)(30 days)