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We're hunting the legendary Luckbeast!

The much-awaited St. Qubeslick event is back in town, and we're hunting the legendary Luckbeast! 

Meet Qubesly in the hub to start the quest to craft two limited-time foods: the mouth-watering St. Qubeslick’s Delite and the sumptuous St. Qubeslick’s Feast. These foods not only give you a magic find boost but also make the mysterious Luckbeast and Fluxbeast visible. The hunt for these elusive creatures will take you through the exotic Jurassic Jungle and the vibrant Neon City biome.

But wait, there's more! The St. Qubeslick dishes also reveal the Pterra-Luck and Pterra-Flux in the scorching Desert Frontier biome. These fierce creatures offer their own set of rewards, including the brand-new Pterra-Luck and Pterra-Flux allies and mounts!

In addition to all the exciting activities during the St. Qubeslick event, we're also giving away a special log-in bonus for players who had their account created before March 7, 11 AM UTC. If you log in from March 7, 11 AM UTC to March 9, 11 AM UTC, you'll receive five Shamrockin Pinatas to celebrate St. Qubeslick! 

May luck be with you! 

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