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Enjoy the Heat of Summer in Trove!

Whether you are a Vanguardian, Bard, Shadow Hunter, Gunslinger, or anything else, join us for Splendid Summer 2022 as we are celebrating equality

Grand Marshal Qubesly awaits you in a prideful Hub to send you on an adventure with all your friends. Complete the questline, defeat enemies to collect Valor Coins, and trade them all in for brand-new rewards - including 2 new allies, 2 new mounts, a Dino Tamer costume & much more! 

Discover even more ways to celebrate this event with our brand-new „Chromatic Cog Collective“ pack as well as the two returning packs „Blazing Band“ and „Summer Fun Pack“.

Don’t waste any time as Splendid Summer 2022 will end on June 28, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC.

Help each other, love yourself, love others and most importantly - be yourself. Let all Trovians know who you are!

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