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Snowfest 2023 is now live!

Get ready to deck the halls and roll in the snow, because Snowfest is back, Trovians!

Snowfest 2023 will start on December 12, 2023, at 11:00 AM UTC and end on December 26, 2023, at 11:00 AM UTC - on all platforms!

* The Horned Rumpfus are causing a chilly ruckus in the Permafrost, and Snowball Fights are in full swing. Donate to Elfsly and let the holiday spirit shine bright with your friends!

* Explore the frosty wonderland and discover new collections through crafting or Plumed Chests, featuring cool mounts, festive styles, allies, ornament helmet styles, and a sparkling Diamond Dragon’s Digest tome!

* Snowfest Sharing is caring! Join the daily leaderboard by completing quests, snowfest dungeons, and spreading joy. Score the Mysterious Trophy Case: Events Edition for exclusive trophies. Gift and Tree dungeons are back, and the Friendsgiving banner brings an XP boost.

* Dive into nostalgia with returning Gift and Tree dungeons, boost your XP with the Friendsgiving banner, and don't forget to craft those classic collections at the Snowfest Table.

Happy Snowfest 2023, Trovians!

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