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Come and discover this new type of gameplay in Trove!

The Delves are here!

A new type of gameplay moves into Trove, a mixture of the caves of Geode and endless battles: the Delves are here

Run through a delve, complete objectives and defeat the boss as quickly as possible and progress from level to level in the Delves! Earn great rewards.
There will be three types of Delves: public Delves, private Delves and challenge Delves. Which one do you enjoy most!? Team up with 7 other players and find out! 
But that is not all. Our developers prepared a great patch for us! 
There is still a lot of news to discover, such as the shadow tower and the sign-up bonuses. There are also very nice new styles, more mastery points and much more! 
In addition to these news, we have prepared a lot of corrections, adjustments and improvements! 
Dear Trovians, log in quickly to discover all the news yourself! 

Consult our forum for more information! 

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