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Bunfest 2022 has started in Trove!


Qubesly awaits you in the Bunfest Pavillion!

The Bunfest 2022 event has just started in Trove and Qubesly awaits you in the Bunfest Pavillion located in the Hub!


Our hoppin' friends from out of town are back again and they are in need of your help! Complete dailies, find hidden eggs in the adventure worlds, and battle against the shadow bunnies in the Bunfest Delve Biome to earn amazing rewards.


Don’t forget to take a look at our in-game-shop as well to discover the new Sunrise Spring pack as well as the return of various other packs.


Join us in Trove to celebrate Bunfest and help our bun-frens by defeating the shadowy usurpers!

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