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Join us in game and check out the latest skill updates, changes to the PvP system, and other improvements based on your suggestions!

A few maps have had their guards enhanced at the respawn zones, so be careful! While we are discussing maps, some have had their level requirements updated. And even more good news about maps, Movement and Summon Runes will work on Desert Maps now! You will also be able to see your own faction dots on the minimap once again. We're not done yet!

Announcing Raids has become an easy task with a simple raid command in chat. Speaking of Raid, the position of the window will remain where you put it when you rejoin or relog.

New Luminous Upper Armor with integrated elements can be obtained off of Cryptic the Last. Dyes have been fixed, so you will be able to properly see your dyed items in your client. We've increased the stack limit of some consumables, and kill quests will only count when you are within a few levels of your opponent.

You might think this is all, but it is not. However, to find out more, visit out patchlog and join us in game for some PvP action soon!

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