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Gather up your potions and pets and friends and head to The Void map at designated times to fight to the last toon is standing!

Sharpen up your wits and your weapons and band together with your most trusted allies for a battle to the death! At designated times, and provided you are participating, you will be called to The Void for a massive free for all battle. We hope you are ready, because if you should fall, you will not have another chance to win until the next time.

That is not all going on however, Ebenezer needs some love advice about enemies. Be sure to visit him for a nice snowboard prize for your time and valor.

It's the year of the Tiger too if you haven't heard! Find Tiwer in game for some exclusive rewards for the Lunar New Year. There is also a new pet named Psyche, a new Transformation Rune mount named Hu Ye which changes you into a majestic tiger, and a new costume called Huangyan which means Yellow Eye. Lore foretells those who wear it can see the future!

We've also done some fixes and improvements! To see them and all the other cools stuff, log into the game and take a peek!

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