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Hello, Ascended! 

Get your fancy clothes and your masks ready, the Carnival of the Ascended is back in town and we are ready to celebrate 13 years with us on RIFT! 

Beautiful and dazzling decorations have covered all major cities across Telara, making the celebrations even more cheerful, what is missing is only you, our beloved Ascended! 
Dive into the celebration for the next four weeks and get amazing rewards such as loot bags, mounts and much more! 

Weekly Quest  

Talk to Dantwor Honey-Tongue in Tempest Bay to accept the “Clean House at the Carnival” weekly quest, which requires the completion of 50 Carnival mini-game, rewarding you with 2 Auroral Doubloons, which can be exchanged for rewards in the Carnival shop. 

Daily Quests  

Be sure to pay Frog Wrangling or Sijay Creg in your home city for additional quests to complete 5 Carnival Instant adventures and earn even more rewards! 

Be sure to jump in-game today and enjoy the celebration! 

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