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Christmas Patch Notes

Latest Game Updates

Trove: Snowfest - Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland of Trove with the Snowfest event. Experience the joys of the season in a uniquely voxelated world.

Fiesta Online welcomes you to its festive Christmas Patch. Discover new seasonal quests and activities filled with holiday cheer.

Wizard101: Explore the mysterious new world of Wallaru in Wizard101! Wallaru comes complete with dozens of quests worth of new storyline featuring old friends and monstrous new foes, new areas to explore, and powerful new items, gear, and spells to achieve.

Desert Operations/Wargame 1942- Stay tuned for thrilling updates and challenges coming your way in Desert Operations and Wargame.

RIFT: Fae Yule Event - Celebrate the Fae Yule event in RIFT. Embrace the magic of winter and partake in festive activities in the enchanting world of Telara.