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Hop into Action: Stop the Bunnies, Save Easter!

You thought Easter in Fiesta Online was all about peaceful egg hunts and fun times with the family? Well, think again! This year, there's a twist that no one saw coming. The famous Bunny Gang, led by the infamous Chonk Chongus, is plotting something mischievous... a robbery, right in the middle of our Easter celebrations!

What? A robbery during Easter? Yes, you heard that right! The cunning Chonk Chongus and his family, known as La Cosa Chongus, are on a mission to swipe all the Easter goodies. But we’re not going to stand by and watch our beloved holiday get ruined by these bandits!

Isyans, we've got to put a stop to La Cosa Chongus's plans!

Join the adventure, save Easter, and you'll uncover the fantastic treasures that await as a token of gratitude for your bravery and heroism in Fiesta Online!


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