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Unraveling the Mystery of the La Cosa Chongus

"Hey Isyan,

we've got a big problem and only you can solve it! The mischievous La Cosa Chongus gang has been causing trouble, and we've just discovered the real mastermind behind it all!" exclaimed the police Bunny from the Easter Festival, still upset about the stolen eggs, showing you a photograph. "Meet Maresca, the cunning villain behind the Easter chaos."

The Bunny's eyes were filled with concern. "Isyan, can you track her down for us? We're really counting on you!" The Bunny extended a paw, hoping for your assistance. This is a crucial moment. Will you accept the challenge and restore peace to our community? 

Click 'Yes' to join forces with the Police Bunny.
There are incredible rewards promised to anyone who can outsmart her! 

Or press 'No' if you're hesitant, but remember, there's always more to explore. 
What will you choose?
Your Fiesta Online Team 

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