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Lord Elderis has decided to bring the Golden Egg event back again in the continent of Isya to celebrate spring!

As usual, the vile monsters are close by, lurking in the dark and awaiting their moment to destroy the Golden Egg! Your mission adventurers, will be to protect the Golden Egg and also bring back the eggs that were stolen by the monsters which are required by the Item Merchant Kenton in order to complete the preparations to celebrate Easter.

Of course, if you succeed, you will be greatly rewarded with fantastic items! So, jump in the Easter Kingdom Quest and protect the Golden Egg with the help of your friends and other adventurers!

- You will be able to join an awesome event Kingdom Quest that will be only available during the Easter period

- Any adventurers can join this KQ as the level won’t matter!

- Talk to the Item Merchant Kenton in Elderine as he will have several Easter quests for you. Complete his quests and be rewarded with items such as enhancing stones, a mini pet or even buffs!

- With the use of peculiar items named as Egg bombs, you will be able to stop the monsters from destroying the Golden Egg

- Elderine will be decorated for this period as well to celebrate Easter

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