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Echo of Soul


Come all celebrate Christmas and discover the ruins of Nerodin!

Merry Christmas!

The Level Boost, the Enhancing Boost et the Tower of Challenge events are now over and give place to the famous Christmas Event that you have been waiting for!

Come into the snowy universe of the Poris to stock up on Christmas gifts and why not also meet Santa Pori and grab his super fast sled! As we all know, Santa Pori must have a very fast sleigh in order to be able to distribute all the gifts on Christmas Eve!

But that's not all! For all players from level 85, the developers have implemented a brand new PvP map in the Vortex, the ruins of Nerodin! The terrible Granil awaits you there to counter you!

It is also Granil which will allow you to fill up with soul stones which you can use in the brand new soul stream system!

And to top it off, the developers also have rebalanced some skills for our characters.

So what are you waiting for to discover all the news! Go to the game with your character to fill up on presents!

Check out all the details for today's update in our forum!

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