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Desert Operations


The 4 phase challenge to rule the world


Take part in DOMINATION from March 19th to April 14th!

Over the next 4 weeks, every week a different challenge will be proposed to you. Fight, aim for the objective and earn a spot on the podium for eternal glory.

Every challenge will reward 3 winners with diamonds.

Every challenge will also award points to the top 5 players of all permanent worlds, every week.

After all 4 challenges have been completed, the user that has collected the most points (all permanent worlds except BK) will be the winner of the DOMINATION challenge (1 winner per world).

- Phase 1: 19/3 - 24/3 (included)

- Phase 2: 26/3 - 31/3(included)

- Phase 3: 2/4 - 7/4 (included)

- Phase 4: 9/4 - 14/4 (included)



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