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Right now, mysterious and powerful new cards await you in Kings and Legends!

The new Patch 2.2 (5) is here!

New Hybrid Cards
Angel/Human  -  The 'Lightborn' are celestial and merciful healers
Elf/Human  -  The Feytouched are righteous warriors, supporting Human, Elf and Angel races with extra Attack
Undead/Demon  -  The Succubi are tempting warriors, charming enemy units into fighting for their attention!
Undead/Ogre  -  The Flesh Golems arise; everytime they kill an enemy they grow in Life and Attack
Beasts/Dragon  -  The mysterious Qilins, half-Horse, half-Dragon, all fire and brimstone!
Goblin/Dragon  -  The Sauron War Chargers are Warlike Orcs who charge into battle atop terrible lizards.

Awakened Skill Cards
Blow your opponents out of the water with these even more powerful skill cards.
These skills have a very high return rate, allowing you to use them again and again to frustrate your opponent!

Cryptic Beast Booster IV
This new Booster pack contains the Frosty Fennec creatures, who excel in making your enemy susceptible to future attacks (taking extra or even double damage!).

More information about the Patch you can find on the Forum.

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