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The Savage Hunt Team united two couples' love on Valentine's Day - read about the magical weddings here!

The wedding of the year!

The wedding guests nearly couldn’t contain their emotions witnessing such a moving moment.

A trail of red heart-shaped balloons marked the way from the island’s teleporter to the wedding site and unveiled a lovingly hand crafted altar with enough seating for the guests. Under tons of roses, the happy couple was finally married.

Our sincere congratulations go out to Shotgun and Mrsshotgun! Your love story honestly sounds amazing and we wish you the very best in life. May your bond hold eternal.

We’d like to share their story with you:

Who else could say that for the most time they were together, they were actually apart?

Shotgun and Mrsshotgun met each other in the Marine Corps.

They never saw each other while training in the actual boot camp but were moved to the same platoon later on.

During a hike, Mrsshotgun injured her ankle and Shotgun took care of her – lovingly, we‘re sure.

Afterwards the stayed in touch through social media, although ultimately, they decided to start dating, with over 3000 miles separating them, during their first deployment.

Six years have passed since then and not only are they full time students now, no, they are taking care of their three little children and still find the time to play!

The couple that plays together stays together!

Here are some of the best wedding photos:

Savage Hunt: Shotgun in his Wedding SuitSavage Hunt: Mrsshotgun in her gorgeous Wedding Dress

Savage Hun: Wedding ceremonySavage Hun: Wedding location

Savage Hunt: At the Weeding: Shotgun and MrsshotgunSavage Hunt: Savage Hunt: Lots of Love & Hearts

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