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Savage Hunt Release!

Dear players,

the long wait is over. The website is now online and you can start registering now! The server will be available very soon!

"What's going on here?" is something that some of you might wonder now. Let's alleviate this:

Dragon training made easy!

The hunting season is upon us: Dragons are fair game! The collecting-factor will play a larger role in Savage Hunt’s future. In the game, all of the 600 dragons are completely free to get. You will be able to collect and compare your tamed dragons in a website-based album. Launch an epic search for unique dragons and become the mightiest dragon warrior on your server. Conquer your trials in over 4.000 quests and enhance your companions’ abilities. Specialize your dragons, let them fight your battles beside you and train them to be the ultimate mount! Find the optimal strategy in your team’s play and win gigantic conflicts in cross-server battles against enemy guilds or alliances...

Savage Hunt is a new Version of Dragon's Prophet, that turns the core concepts of the game towards the future. To offer a plain battlefield for every player, everyone will start over together. There will be no transfers of characters or items to Savage Hunt. But that also means, that Dragon's Prophet is here to stay!

Onwards, into a shared future!

Are you ready for Savage Hunt? We look forward to seeing you!

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