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Grand Fantasia


Join us in the game to see the most romantic and new year events!

You must help the sprite Huijia return home after saving for so long to give his family a better life! He carries a gigantic luggage with gifts and needs your help!

Shy Sayla wants to confess her love before Valentine's Day, you must help her deliver her love letter to her beloved, messenger.

Now explore PVP in a way you never have before! You can access all your statuses without removing them, you can see up to 99 buffs and debuffs! Goodbye wondering if nucleus is active!

Get ready to train even more sprites, now you can have 3 more sprites at the same time, totaling 6!

It's time to perfect your work helping on Sprite Island. Learn and enjoy delicious new dishes with Chef Pepin.

The messengers can explore 88 new trivias, now totaling 692 extra stories to discover!

Don't waste another second and check out all the new features in the first patch of 2022, read it here:

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