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Patch Notes

Our patch Raiders of the Lost Treasure has arrived, and it brings a vast amount of adventures and rewards! This is perfect as we will soon close our season of love, you can enjoy these adventures with your partner or friends!

The Carso Church has been making moves recently and are up to something, therefore Saphael needs you, Messenger!

It is time to meet Shley, the demon hunter chosen by the Sprite King himself, she needs your help, and she will reward you to get closer to a brand-new hidden treasure. It is time to bring peace in the kingdom and to treasure hunt! You will meet tough enemies along the way, so be prepared!

The Quill Library have worked hard on their latest book and it is now available, that means new stories and new adventures! It is time to visit Ilya and to get your hands on this fresh new book and maybe enjoy exploring Saphael together with your best friend or lover!

We have loads of events still running and many more to come as we approach the end of our Season of Love... but a new festival will be coming very soon!

Messengers, Saphael and the Sprites requires your presence, join us and have a look at our latest patch notes right here:

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