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Grand Fantasia


We bring you the first Patch of 2021!

Dear Sprite Messenger,

Let's rejoice and welcome the arrival of a new year with renewed optimism. And riding in on the wings of this enthusiasm and excitement, we bring you the first Patch of 2021!


[Monthly Event]

Chinese New Year

With the arrival of the New Year, the population of Saphael started to get busy. Help Jesse in Jale!


[Monthly Event]

Valentine's Day

The Fly High Goose arrived in Kaslow to help you get your destined partner!

Go find him!


[Monthly Event]

Silk Road

After ten years, Saphael's population is ageing, and the economic recession is becoming more desperate each day. Help scientists to reverse this situation.

Messengers, together, let's save Saphael's future!


[Yggdrasil 11]

Princess of Frost, Ilannia appears

The Sprite Queen, Ilannia, is always caring about the vast northern kingdom.

Are there any brave Messengers among you that can reign victorious against her powerful Freezing Power?


[Sprite King's Trial Expansion]


Come and challenge the Ilannia, on the Sprite King's Trial.


[Expansion of rewards]

- Red Coconut Paradise -

A distinctive gift awaits Messengers in Red Coconut Paradise of this year's fashion trends. What's trending? Come and see!



- News -

- The Christmas event has been removed.

- An additional 48 items can now be included in the Archive (the two (2) white scorpions are added to the Archive, but will not be available for CM Wish or Alchemy).

- O-Alchemy has been updated.

- Bug fix: now the name of the sprites in Sprite Racing appears correctly.

- 8 new items were chosen for Runway and we received another update on the runway buffs.


More info about the January Patch Notes:

-GF Team

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