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Grand Fantasia


Have you heard the exciting news?

Hello Messengers!
After some mandatory social distancing rules, South Island and Angoya Island will reopen to visitors! Hooray!
What do we have planned?
A month of exciting activities across several intriguing destinations. Grab a cold drink and read on!

[Timed Event]
Let's pray for the Alt. Dimension - Ancient Forest purification!

Traveling on, we'll take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and head to the forests for a rendez-vous with nature! Enjoy the sweet chirps of birds, meditate to the cascading sounds of waterfalls, and let yourself go in the wind whistling through the branches of old, yet strong and majestic trees.
The Ancient Forest from the Alternative Dimension is strongly affected by the energy of time and space. Although it is a serene and beautiful environment, pollution has affected the wildlife of the forest, turning them into mutants.
Monsters have been contaminated by the Magical Crystal Core thereby making it difficult to mobilize any attempts at purification. Although the situation is challenging, Adara still hopes to prevent the forest from being overtaken and ridding the area of contamination.

Messengers, we need your help with the investigation. Today is your chance to join the regiment and go in for the attack! You'll be able to unlock this title:

[New Fruit!]
Arena Reward Expansion

One day, you may be the King of Messengers!
Isn't this your goal?
To be better trained for the Day of Destiny, Battlefield Quartermasters decided to invest in the development of new fruits for the battlefield. The new fruit not only lasts longer but has powerful skills!
Unfortunately, the raw material for their production is scarce, so they are limited to 7 daily purchases per person. Messenger, make haste before stocks are depleted!

[Infernal Dungeon]
Distorted Dimension

Do you remember the war against Beast-Man when they did everything to create the Knight Mecha and you faced them bravely?
Now's not the time for nostalgia and complacency. What's coming is more frightening and dangerous than anything you've ever encountered.
Our brave Ambassador Buka calls for help from the Messengers. The aura of hell strikes again. This time it has invaded the Distorted Dimension.
We need you to once again battle the Knight Mecha in hopes of keeping the peace in Saphael.
It's time to face Hades, Aloop, and Andlumu!
GF team

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