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Let's celebrate the World Cup together! - Part II

Soccer madness at gamigo! - Part II

Lots of color going on in Kings and Legends!
Balls in different colors awaken your urge to collect them all. If you have five, six or seven different colors together, you can trade the balls for exclusive trophies. In the forum you can also place bets for the World Cup matches and also earn points with correctly guessed soccer results. The points from the forum can be exchanged for the colorful balls in-game. In addition, a unique football card will be released at the end of June.

Savage Hunt even has its own World Cup. As a prelude, forum banners have already been designed by the community themselves, but the exciting events are now approaching! Until Tuesday, June 19th, you can register your guilds for the big World Cup. Long tunnels full of dangerous enemies await you, through which you must fight with the help of powerful war machines. Whoever defeats the end checkpoint the fastest wins the round!
You can place bets per round to cheer on your favorite guilds or mock your enemies by betting huge amounts against them.

If that's not a full schedule for the World Cup, we don't know what is! Don't miss the great opportunity to have a lot of fun, win cool prizes and show good sportsmanship all around!