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Make one out of three – Dragon’s Prophet’s three servers are going to merge into one international server. Why separate what belongs together?

DP World Merge

Your times of loneliness in the big cities are over, because we are bringing you all a bit closer together now. 

We are going to merge Jorbyn (EN), Lysaia (GER) and Chaugnar (FR) into one new, single World fittingly called: Auratia.

Just like you, we believe that this action is long overdue. Why keep separate what belongs together? In the future, you can all go on adventures together - without any exceptions!

The merge starts on Thursday, 22nd November 2018. This also means that on this day the maintenance will take a little longer than normal - we appreciate your understanding.

Very important! You will keep your 12 highest level characters from all servers. If you have many characters on every world, you will have to start clearing out your inventories now!

There is no way to keep more than 12 characters.

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