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Right on time for Shikihime Zoushi’s commercial release we have new awesome content for you!

Along with the official commercial launch of Shikihime Zoushi the gamigo team presents the awesome new in-game content "Hinamatsuri" (Jap. 雛祭り)! This Japanese holiday that is traditionally celebrated on March 3rd is also known as "Girl’s Day". Families with daughters drape platforms with red cloth and place dolls (the so-called "Hina dolls") on top of them that are dressed in kimonos and represent Emperor and Empress, servants, and musicians in the traditional court dress of the Heian period.

On this occasion, the families pray for the well-being of their daughters. The dolls are presented with traditional offerings, for example sake made from peach blossoms, mochi, walnut-rice cakes as a lucky charm, sushi, a soup based on clams, and other treats. But in modern times the dolls may receive the occasional hamburger as well.

During the Edo period, people believed that the Hina dolls are able to trap evil spirits in their bodies and thus protect their owners from demons. To join this joyous celebration, we present you with a brand new Shiki princess and additional quests and events in which you get the chance to become the most powerful onmyoji master of all!

A happy Hinamatsuri to you all!

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