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On Juli 6th the great hunt for blueberries will begin!

The Asterix&Friends summer event will begin on Monday, at 12:30 pm to be exact! Earlier, starting at 10:30 am, the Asterix&Friends team will have to tweak the servers a bit (meaning the game will be offline for a short while) to prepare the great event.

The summer event

Summer break? No way! New quests, new achievements, gift codes, and awesome competitions are waiting for you!

- Rebuilding the village is free now.

- If you’re lucky, you can find jackets, pants, belts, and shoes while fishing.

- If you go wood chopping during the game, you’ll find blueberries that will expire at the end of the event. For collecting these berries you can gain a new quest with three new achievements and huge piles of Roman helmets as a reward. You’ll find a berry counter in the upper right corner of the screen. The event will end on August 31st.

Apart from the event there will be an Update with a couple of permanent changes and improvements.

Update 34


- Safe trade feature: trading no longer costs Roman helmets but 10 sesterces per offer.


- Tournament rewards will be increased. The new rewards will already be active for the current tournament.

- Crafted objects can no longer be duplicated in the boxing ring.

- New quests have been activated. 

- The repeatable quest series "The Great Feast" has been reactivated. In this quest you can get Asterix ready to fight.

- A new weapon for village brawls has been added: the paddle.


- The potions "Medium potion of the first hit", "Medium potion of blocking", and "Medium potion of critical hit" are working again.

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