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Put on your finest fighting kimono and sharpen your blade! The Shikihime Zoushi Closed Beta starts today!

Join in even before the official launch! Come to or and gain immediate access to this beautiful strategy game featuring daring princesses.

We’re giving away keys for the Closed Beta of this tactical RPG starting today at 10 a.m.! :)

Right after registration you can redeem your personal CBT key and become an onmyoji master in the octagonal world of the golden Heian period! Collect enchanting Shikihimes and train them for battle – as you’re fighting for Japan’s highest honor!

Shikihimes are cute and courageous Manga princesses with individual skill sets. Lead them into battle, summon them and find the best strategic use for your princesses’ skills or combine them to powerful Elite-Shikihimes! The turn-based matches will make you invent ever new plans and strategies.

Join in when the browser game Shikihime Zoushi enters its first Closed Beta phase! As we transition from CBT to OBT all data will be reset, thus every player will have a fresh start again. The developers are grateful for feedback of any kind, so you can do your part in making this game even better!

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