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Envoy! Have you heard the whispers wafting your way?

Fantastic updates of the otherworldly kind await you!

Surely you still have memories in your mind about what the Winged Duke has done in the OW: Tree Cave, he has spread all his toxicity. The demons are preparing to corrupt the sealed holy sword in OW: Obscure Temple. And as you would expect, you will find new drops from the bosses, Trophies Slvl25 and SLV20 Unidentified Trophy Fusion Formulas!

Demon King Fantasies 11 – Battle of Destiny, a new installment in this series of quests will allow you to explore the past and witness the awakening of the Astral Dragon. Completing the quest will give you a chance to get his mount!

A new Mirabelle quest lets a group of five players enter a big mansion which is guarded by a small sprite who will let the group take on four stages of games. Completing this will reward the group with the Fairytale Fairy Gift Fox with a lot of cool costumes.

And there is more! A new balancing for the Rockstar class, featuring skill improvements to all damage coefficients while also decreasing cooldown times for some of his rockin’ skills.

More power? Yes! Awaken it with the Holy Chest update! If you have an awakened level (Slvl1 or higher), you will be able to harness its power to the fullest!

Navea Event, new Hero Score Ranking 1st place reward, new Ranking: Dungeon Master Board and more awaits you!

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