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A new hope... a new hero is born. The Whipmaster.

A powerful unique class makes its appearance in Azuria! Get ready to create the new "Whipmaster" class. You can start your adventure from level 1 or create a character directly from level 85 using the "Character Boost Card" item.

With your Whip weapon, you will be able to absorb "Bloodrush" from your enemy and thus turn it into a powerful ability. This will certainly give you the edge against your enemies on the battlefield!

New dungeons to test your skills! Nightmare: Doom of Despair (Solo), there are wolves here and they are very aggressive! Watch out!  Nightmare Realm (Solo),a broken realm or we can say it is your dreamland? Wear equipment with the new attribute “Army Piercing” to successfully clear it because the bosses have the new attribute “Blood Armor” implemented!  This dungeon brings something new! The golden Holy Spirit, more power for your character! 

Gaia’s Sanctuary: Judgment (Party), only Envoys who have mastered the Power of Gaia possess the ability to overcome all trials and enjoy the light of miracles. Are you one of them?

Enjoy the new Divine Trial II, in this new battlefield, the number of players has been adjusted from 20 to 10 and you will be able to transform yourself into new Eidolons!

And of course, the events were not to be missed! Navea Event - Mecha Beasts Battle, Envoy, help Akai and pilot your Mecha to fight! Destroy all the Otherworld Beasts! Guild Hall Spawn Event, Alice, Harmonia, Demeter and Michaela are here again for you to play with them! 

There is more! Point Collection System – Update, now you can raise your collection level up to 25 and get better stats!  Nightmare Pets – Update, all 7-day nightmare pets are now lasting for 30 days - at no additional cost!

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