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Guess who’s Back? ArchePasses are Back on ArcheAge: Unchained!


ArchePasses are Back on ArcheAge: Unchained!

ArchePasses come and go, but the items that you can receive are worth their weight in gold!

Have a pass that you may have missed or couldn't complete? Some of your favorite ArchePasses are making a return until October 14, 2021, and some are returning indefinitely to allow you another chance to receive some of the most amazing companions and items in Erenor!

Which ArchePasses are returning? There are some ArchePasses making a temporary return until October 14, these are the following ArchePasses:

Pumpkin Pass

Winter Maiden Pass

Ostrich Pass

Oskmir Pass

Sunflower Pass

Hero Pass

Wisp Pass

Billy Pass

Lotty Pass

Some passes also will make a permanent return! The following passes will be returning indefinitely:

Christmas Advanced Pass

Darugon Pass

Meatball Pass

 Of course, the existing passes will remain in place including the current basic pass until December 31, 2021!

Don't wait! Get started on the ArchePass Comeback but choose wisely, who knows when they'll return next!

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