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Starting July 22, help Chad deliver watermelons! Travel across Erenor and be rewarded with Honor or Vocation Points, Watermelon Tokens, and more!

The Watermelon Delivery

You! Yes youses with the goofy smileses! I arrived here on the July 22 but I need to leavses on the August 5! My names is Chad! It means “never giving up” in humanses speaks. I needs your help!

We Daru has founds a big big opportunity to have business with humanses because we founds out that humanses love… Watermelons! Humanses love it so much that we can’ts keeping up with deliverings! But yous a big strong humanses, you can help, yes?

Find the Watermelon Merchant in the humanses big city in Austera, Marianople or Diamond Shores for you piratey humanses. Then gets the Order Receipt and put it in the big machinses!

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