ZULA: Open Beta Phase is starting!

The gamigo group, one of the leading games companies in Europe and North America, announces the start of the open beta phase (OBT) for first-person shooter ZULA in the USA and Canada. As of now, all online shooter fans have the chance to dive into the world of this client-based game, embark on militant missions and get hold of numerous rewards. The OBT holds a great selection of 18 different maps, including five real-world locations, such as Paris, Iraq, Istanbul, Rio and the Turkish town Safranbolu, as well as the eight game modes Team Deathmatch, Wanted, Sabotage, Capture the Flag, Death Match, Boss Hunt, Escort, Elimination. In addition to that, players have access to more than 100 different weapons that can constantly be improved and customized. ZULA is a free-to-play first-person shooter featuring unique locations. High-quality graphics enable the player to quickly dive into the world of ZULA. More than 18 different maps invite the player to face up to exceptional challenges and choose between two different fractions. Will it be Zula, a savage group of vigilantes, misunderstood as an organized crime syndicate, or Gladyo, an international, paramilitary group having its hands in nearly all military organizations worldwide?



  • Small client size
  • Great performance
  • Fast and dynamic gameplay
  • 16 distinctive playable characters
  • Authentic concept and individual content (Fight in the streets of Istanbul)
  • Mission System
  • Unique Weapon Upgrade System

About MadByte

MadByte Games was founded in 2012 by an established team of developers with a successful track record of multiple AAA titles developed in Turkey. Young and full of enthusiasm, MadByte succeeded to develop the MMOFPS game the players were looking for with strong support and guidance from MMOFPS gamers. The Team is fully dedicated to the development of ZULA and its expansions for the many years to come.

About the gamigo group

The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America, holding more than 100 million registered user accounts and more than 300 employees in Hamburg (HQ), Berlin, Cologne, Münster, Darmstadt (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey), Chicago (US) and Seoul (Korea). Infernum, Intenium, adspree media, Mediakraft Networks, GameSpree, Aeria Games, Looki, and Poged are some of the major subsidiaries and brands that are part of the gamigo group today. The company is not only publisher of free-to-play online and mobile games, but it also provides solutions for business clients within the area of gamigo’s platform strategy. Game publishers and developers from all over the world are using the gamigo platform as a gateway to publish and sell their products in an efficient and cost-effective way. The company’s core game portfolio includes successful titles such as Aura Kingdom, Desert Operations, The Rats, Dragon’s Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Grand Fantasia, Ironsight, Last Chaos, Shaiya and Twin Saga. As early as the year 2000, gamigo published the first German-language localized MMOG. The company strives to grow not only organically, but also via acquisitions. Since 2013, it has performed more than 25 acquisitions, including gaming and technology companies as well as individual game assets.

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